HTTP Server Module

Since Origin / Contributor Maintainer Source
2015-01-19 Vladimir Dronnikov Vladimir Dronnikov http.lua

This Lua module provides a simple callback implementation of a HTTP 1.1 server.


httpserver = require("httpserver")


httpserver = nil
package.loaded["httpserver"] = nil


Function to start HTTP server.


httpserver.createServer(port, handler(req, res))


  • port: Port number for HTTP server. Most HTTP servers listen at port 80.
  • handler: callback function for when HTTP request was made.


net.server sub module.


Callback function has 2 arguments: req (request) and res (response). The first object holds values:

  • conn: net.socket sub module
  • method: Request method that was used (e.g.POST or GET)
  • url: Requested URL
  • onheader: value to setup handler function for HTTP headers like content-type. Handler function has 3 parameters:

    • self: req object
    • name: Header name
    • value: Header value
  • ondata: value to setup handler function HTTP data. Handler function has 2 parameters:

    • self: req object
    • chunk: Request data

The second object holds functions:

  • send(self, data, [response_code]): Function to send data to client. self is req object, data is data to send and response_code is HTTP response code like 200 or 404 (for example)
  • send_header(self, header_name, header_data): Function to send HTTP headers to client. self is req object, header_name is HTTP header name and header_data is HTTP header data for client.
  • finish([data]): Function to finalize connection, optionally sending data. data is optional data to send on connection finalizing.

Full example can be found in http-example.lua